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All Superdrug Own Brand products are cruelty free and BUAV approved. So, wherever you see the Superdrug star on your products on power brands like B., Solait and Somebody, you can be confident what you’re buying is cruelty free and 100% Happiness Guaranteed!

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Terms & Policies

Terms from Superdrug

cashback is not eligible for the following;

VAT or delivery charges.

Bulk purchases (bulk purchase = a large quantity of the same item/s that are likely not intended for personal use but for re sale).

Sales of infant baby milk formulas of any kind. Please be aware that cashback will not be paid out to customers who have included any infant milk items within their shopping basket.

Sales made using redeemed Health and Beauty Card points.

Cashback levels

General terms

Be sure not to visit any other website between activating cashback for a store and finalizing your purchase, otherwise we cannot track your purchase and this could result in a loss of cashback.

Shop through the same browser window/tab that you are taken to for the store through Backify.

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