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Superdrug Mobile

Up to £10 cashback

Superdrug mobile want to put a smile on all their customers faces by going the extra mile. Keeping them connected with a trusted easy to use product. All customers, both new and existing are treated fairly and are kept at the front of the business.

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Up to £10 cashback

Terms & Policies

Terms from Superdrug Mobile

Cashback will not paid on VAT or delivery charges. Cashback will not be paid on sales from https://superdrug.com Cashback will not be rewarded on bulk purchases through any affiliate (bulk purchase = a large quantity of the same item/s that are likely not intended for personal use but for re sale).

Cashback levels

Unlimited Plan10 GBP

General terms

Do not visit any other website between activating cashback for a store and finalizing your purchase.

Shop through the same store window that you are taken to from Backify.

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