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Founded in 2012, Opencare’s vision is to change the way patients and health providers interact. They are currently laser focused on creating an amazing experience for patients to find the right health provider, and to bring them together using a streamlined appointment booking platform. They see this as a gateway to simplifying all interactions between patients and providers; ultimately making health care more personable, approachable and accessible. Opencare operates in Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Toronto, Austin.

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Up to $27.50 cashback

Terms & Policies

Terms from Opencare

New patient lead: Signs up for Opencare and requests an appointment to visit a dentist in one of our eligible markets.

New Patient Concluded Sale: User goes to appointment and completes a new patient exam and cleaning. $35 commission paid after Opencare verification of appointment completion (up to 8 weeks) Must be a new user (has not claimed an Opencare offer in the past 2 years).

New RCM Lead: User fills out RCM lead form requesting additional information about Opencare's Revenue Cycle Management service

New RCM Customer: Lead must 1) sign contract 2) complete onboarding and 3) go live

Cashback levels

New Patient Request Lead2.50 USD
New Patient Concluded Sale17.50 USD
New RCM Lead7.50 USD
New RCM Customer27.50 USD

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