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Points.com is the world’s leading loyalty program management site, helping users get more flexibility and value from their airline, hotel, retail, and credit-card loyalty programs.

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Up to 5% cashback

Terms & Policies

Terms from Points.com

Cashback is not eligible for the following, accepting trades on GPX, Amtrak, Groundlink, Rocketmiles, Spirit, Carlson, Saudi Arabian Airlines, British Airways, Radisson, and Pointshound purchase.

Cashback levels

Redeeming Miles or Points for a Gift Card2 GBP
Swap Transaction1.2 GBP
Virgin America5%
Miles & More Hotel Booking2.5%

General terms

Be sure not to visit any other website between activating cashback for a store and finalizing your purchase, otherwise we cannot track your purchase and this could result in a loss of cashback.

Shop through the same browser window/tab that you are taken to for the store through Backify.

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