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Design Essentials

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Design Essentials offers a strong commitment to improving the look and feel of your hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address and satisfy your specific hair needs. They are your partner in style, and like a partner their products are designed to work with you to achieve styling success.

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Terms from Design Essentials

The following are not eligible for cashback;

  • Free items with purchase
  • The following PRO products: STS Express Thermal Leave-In Sealant Step 3 - Pro, STS Express Damage Recovery Anti-Breakage Treatment Step 2 - Pro, STS Express Max Smoothing Mousse Step 2 - Pro, Wave Lock Conditioning Neutralizer - Pro, Moisture Wrap Permanent Wave Booster - Pro, Professional Strength Rearranger - Pro, Milk & Honey Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo – Pro (32oz.), Milk & Honey Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo – Pro (Gallon), Sensitive Scalp Relaxer System – Pro, Honey Nectar Time Release Regular Relaxer – Pro, Regular Conditioning Relaxer with Olive Oil & Shea Butter – Pro, Calm Soothing Scalp Protection – Pro.

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